Quality Control                                       

Our cleaning personnel are trained on the latest cleaning procedures to ensure quality work at every site. In addition, we train them on the importance of safety, an important consideration in today’s workplace. Their performance is continually monitored by management during on-site visits and observations.

Standardized Processes

Our quality inspection process assures that we get it right the first time. A customized inspection report will be generated per your requirements.  The inspection process ensures that Blue Sky Commercial Cleaners is held accountable for our employees' work, not our customers.

Customer Communication

Our customers have access to an owner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A speedy response                                                                 is our goal, and there is only one number to call for facility-related requests.

Improving Methods and Products                                                                                

Blue Sky Commercial Cleaners is continuously upgrading and seeking out better products                                                                  and methods of cleaning.  We don’t shop by cost alone.

Employee Growth

Our people have the power to enhance the quality of your work environment and retard depreciation of your facility. We seek profitable growth by encouraging the personal growth of our employees.  We pay above average wages and look for different incentives to motivate and upgrade our employees.  Our business is made of people.  We realize that allowing us to clean your facility is a privilege.  After all, you could hire anyone to do it.  We don’t take advantage of our relationships.


Our service training program focuses on teaching the processes that have made Blue Sky Commercial Cleaners successful in a high demand, high turnover cleaning industry.  Blue Sky Commercial Cleaners has extensive on-the-job training for all cleaning, chemical, equipment, and safety procedures, so our employees can outshine the rest by delivering better results faster.  Employee development continues through follow-up visits and quality inspections.

Safety Program                                        

Blue Sky Commercial Cleaners has a moral and legal responsibility to provide and maintain a safe working environment for our employees.  We aim for perfection in following OSHA standards for our employees and are committed to minimizing workplace hazards.  Our employees also have a responsibility to assist in maintaining a safe environment by following safe procedures and by reporting an unsafe situation to a company representative

We pay attention so you don't have to.
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